Vicki Fowler, CEO

Panhandle Billing and Consulting Services, LLC

Vicki has over 30 years of experience devoted to the Long-Term Care industry at the facility, regional and corporate level, for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF).  During this time Vicki has held many positions including SNF Business Office Manager, SNF Management Business Office Consultant, and Director of Business Office Services.  Vicki has overseen the day to day processes for the Business Offices in multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities, one Assisted Living Facility, created/updated Policies and Procedures for both the Business Office and Admission Departments, and provided training.

Most recently Vicki worked as a Senior Project Manager/Director, Professional Training Business Office Consultant, and SNF Biller for a Skilled Nursing Facility Billing and Consulting Services Company.  She attended Healthcare Conferences to market the company and conducted onsite Business Office Reviews (BOR), negotiated contracts and proposals, and organized new client start up and staffing assignments.

As the CEO/Owner of Panhandle Billing and Consulting Services, LLC, she is uniquely qualified to direct the company in providing the services a Skilled Nursing Facility Business Office needs to prosper and succeed in the ever changing arena of Long Term Care.