Panhandle Billing and Consulting, LLC was started to offer a needed service option for those Skilled Nursing facilities and CCRCs who do not have management or consulting organizations designed to collect their older or current Accounts Receivable.

Our billing process and procedures are specifically designed to minimize any time impact and distractions to the client’s business office staff.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) billing and collections is a very unique and ever-changing industry with standards and guidelines that require experience, knowledge, and skill not just anyone can provide. 

Panhandle Billing’s experienced team offers consulting and training on a wide range of SNF billing and general business office services and are able and willing to research and expand our knowledge base to answer the unique and diverse billing questions that may arise.

We are not a collection agency

We are NOT a collection agency. We do not take ownership of the balances we are pursuing on your behalf.

Experienced at resolving unpaid claims

Panhandle Billing has the experience to quickly identify why a claim hasn’t paid, and we know how to determine what, when, why and how to resolve the unpaid balance.

Payments are made directly to the facility

This also means that all payments and correspondence generated as a result of our efforts go directly to the facility.

We offer billing, training, and consulting services dedicated to the needs of Skilled Nursing facilities and CCRCs. Our staff includes Consultants with experience in multiple SNF Billing software systems used in the current market and are able to quickly identify system setup issues or improvements needed and are also able to make the required system corrections or adjustments.




We are designed to pursue claims over a certain age; usually from 60 to 180 days and older. Many clients find that having our team perform this important but time-consuming task allows their billing staff to keep focused on their primary, current workflow and tasks. Clients can choose to elect a review of their outstanding balances for “collectability” before they write off balances. Additionally, we offer the option of performing all monthly business office billing services, typically performed by a Business Office Manager.

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